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Self-Storage Tips: What Not to Store

A self-storage unit is a great way to safely house your extra belongings for a period and free up some space in your home. However, renting a unit in a self-storage facility does not necessarily mean you can store anything you want simply because you are paying. When storing, you should also consider the safety and welfare of other people. Certain materials and items can be hazardous in a public place. Also, you do not want to risk losing your valuable items even in a highly secured self-storage facility.
As a precaution, we have rounded a list of unacceptable items for storage unit:

Explosives and combustibles put your belongings at risk

Keep your money in the bank

It is illegal to keep dangerous weapons in self-storage units

Leaving your pet in your self-storage unit is animal cruelty

Storage facilities prohibit storing plants as they simply cannot survive without sunlight. Plants can also attract and breed pests that do not only harm your belongings but those nearby units, as well.

Perishable foods can spoil and attract pests

It might seem that self-storage facilities have a long list of restricted items. These lists are compiled through a combination of common sense (like perishables or explosives) and hard-earned experience (things like money, which are very difficult to trace once stolen or mislaid). The management is thinking about the protection and security of your valuable belongings, and those of their other customers as well. After all, the only thing worse than finding that your belongings were damaged during storage is finding out that someone else’s damage was caused by something that you stored improperly.

Dos and Don’ts For Safe Self-Storage

Now that you already know what not to store inside your storage unit, here is a quick list of dos and don’ts for you to have the best storage experience possible:

The Dos

The Don’ts

Whether you’re using your storage locker as a staging area for a few weeks during a move or for long-term storage of family heirlooms, always store smart. Comply with the storage facility’s rules and regulations to keep your valuables safe and in good condition.

Centron Self-Storage offers you the best value for your money in North York! We give you peace of mind because our facility features state-of-the-art technology and fully trained staff to ensure the safety of your belongings 24/7. Whether if you are relocating or looking for a secure location to store confidential documents, trust us to provide a safe and highly secured self-storage facility in North York.

Give us a call at (647) 749-1395 for the best storage experience possible!.

What You Need To Know About Self-Storage Security

A self-storage unit provides a great place to store your belongings temporarily. Some will be expensive, others important, and others will have sentimental value. This is why it is essential that you choose the right self-storage facility. Every customer renting a self-storage unit should have peace of mind knowing that their belongings are secured and safe.

The Importance Of Self-Storage Security

A state-of-the-art security system protects your belongings

Renting a unit without a security system in place is a bad idea. From everyone sharing the same locker key to thieves casually cutting the padlock, an unsecured locker is just too tempting for some thieves.

With several local self-storage facilities in the North York area, you need to make a more informed decision to protect your belongings, especially if they are highly valuable. The Internet is a good place to start your research about the local self-storage facilities. Check the pricing, view the photos; most importantly, read what customers have to say about the safety and security of the place. Reports of break-in theft should be a red flag to watch out for since this indicates poor security.

Daily inspection reduces the risk of theft in the facility

Security features to look for:

Tips For Protecting Your Valuables

Never store cash in your storage unit

While it is important for the facility to provide you with the best security measures, as a customer, there are several things you can do to enhance the protection of your valuables.

Choosing The Right Self-Storage Facility

Safety of your valuable belongings always comes first

Renting a self-storage unit is a brilliant solution for insufficient space to store your extra valuable possessions. Before calling the facility to reserve a self-storage unit, make sure that the unit meets your needs.

How to choose the right self-storage facility

Online reviews can help you choose the best self-storage facility

To avoid this situation, make a detailed list of all the items you intend to store and consult with the staff at the facility. They deal with this situation every day, and can help you choose the right unit size using their storage calculator.

If you are looking for a safe and secure place to store your important belongings in North York, why not store with us? Centron Self Storage offers you the best value for your money. We have state-of-the-art technology and reliable staff to ensure the safety and security of your items 24/7. Give us a call at (647) 557-7378. We will provide you with a smart and secure solution to all your storage needs.

Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Unit

The self-storage business is booming more than ever these days. More and more people find themselves turning to self-storage units to keep extra things they may not have space for at home. If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a slice of that pie, there are plenty of reasons why you might need a storage unit yourself. Whether it’s for a home renovation or for holding extra things you’ve picked up here and there, a storage unit may be the answer for you.

Here are some basic ways you can use self-storage to help with your needs.

For homeowners with plenty to keep, self-storage gives you a solution for holding on to things you don’t want to throw away. If you have a knack for interior decorating, you can also use your storage unit to keep your decor until you switch them out for what you have now.

Put your things in self-storage and travel hassle-free

Self-storage provides space and protection to store your valuables safely until you return. When you make the arrangements, you can also negotiate a contract to store those items for a convenient length of time.

Store your business documents for safekeeping

Put your school things away while on your breaks

Storage facilities located near campuses tend to have students and their families leave their things there come summer If you do go down this route, consider renting a month in advance to beat the competition and get enough space to store all your valuables. Investing in storage supplies and a storage unit can go a long way toward keeping your belongings safe during your break.

Store your important mementos while you grieve

Use self-storage to help with new additions to the family

When you’re looking for reliable self-storage to protect your belongings, give Centron Storage a call. We offer quality storage space at affordable prices. Our consultants are ready and willing to help you choose the right sized unit for your needs.

Drop us a line at (647) 749-1398 or visit our contact page to reserve a storage unit now.

Storing Your Vintage Motorcycle or Scooter

Vintage motorcycles are beautiful pieces of mechanical art; indeed, they are often classified as a “collection,” especially by insurers. Owning a vintage motorcycle can be a costly and time-consuming investment. They require a greater amount of care and maintenance to keep their vintage metalwork, gears, and engines in top shape when compared with newer bikes.

To preserve their beauty and mechanical structure, most classic motorcycles need to be stored properly. An improperly-stored vintage motorcycle can be vulnerable to harmful elements, such as rust, corrosion, and humidity, potentially undoing all the hard work you put into restoring it. Storing your motorbike is also a security issue you need to consider.

In some cases, your garage may not be the best storage option for your beloved collection. Caring for them means storing them where they are safe and sound. When choosing the perfect self-storage unit in North York, there are important factors to consider, such as the physical location, security, and possible animal intrusion.

Finding The Right Motorcycle Storage Option

Choosing the right storage facility will give you peace of mind.

Whether you are planning to store your vintage motorbike for a few weeks, months (off-season), or indefinitely, make sure the storage facility meets your standard requirements to ensure the protection of your prized possession.

Some storage rental facilities offer amazing features and amenities for their tenants, including:

Store your prized possession in a highly secured storage facility.

A 5×10 is the most common storage unit size to store a single motorcycle and any accessories that you may have. However, there are also larger units available that are big enough to house multiple bikes.

You should also consider how long you will be storing your vintage motorbike. For short-term storage, a smaller-size storage unit would be smart. You could pack your other belongings together around it, and everything will weather the season. However, if you are planning to store your motorbike along with its accessories and tools, or to keep it safe and secure for a longer time, you would be better off choosing a larger-spaced storage unit that can provide the extra space you need to access your belongings and maintain your motorcycle in situ. Some storage facilities in North York offer their clients with boxes and supplies to make the storing process easier and more convenient.

Rust can be a deadly enemy of vintage motorcycles.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for Storage

Proper storage preparation is crucial in reducing the risk of oxidation or rust. Rust can cause costly damage on the bike’s aluminum parts and discolouration on its chrome. Additionally, oxidation can degrade rubber components, making them brittle and cracked. If you are putting your ride away for a few months, consider the following tips to properly and safely store your possession until you are ready to use it again:

Regular maintenance keeps your motorcycle in top shape.

To protect the motorcycle from damage, replace ethanol-blended gasoline with pure gasoline. Run a tank of pure gas through your bike and then refill it, adding some stabilizer conditioner to maximize its efficiency.

Rodents can cause costly damage to your motorcycle parts.

Storing your prized vintage motorcycle requires working with a reliable and trusted self-storage facility. Always visit the storage facility and inspect it in person before putting your money and possessions on the line. Find out its strong and weak points, and ask the staff for their input, as this will help you make an informed decision and ensure that your valued possession is in good hands.

At Centron Self-Storage, we aim to provide our clients with a positive storage experience. We offer the best deals in the neighbourhood. We let you transact online with our hassle-free reservation process. For more information, call us at (416) 749-1396.

How to Maximize Your Unit’s Storage Space

Storage units are a convenient way of keeping items when you don’t need them yet. Whether you’re storing off-season clothes, storing things for a move, or archiving business files, a storage unit is great for opening up more space at home. However, the unit isn’t unlimited, and it’s easy to run out of room if things aren’t organized properly. It’s vital you know how to pack your storage unit to store your items more efficiently. Try these tips to help maximize your space and get the most out of your storage unit.

Before you start, make a list of everything you’re putting in your storage unit. This will help you to keep track of everything in the unit. No more hunting down any lost coats and sweaters for you! Keep an inventory of everything you put in each box. The list can help you load your containers properly and avoid damage and overloading. Having a catalogue of your items makes it easier to arrange and categorize things for ease of access when you need to get them. Whenever you need something, you can consult the list to find which box you’ve placed it in.

Before loading anything in the unit, make a tentative map of where everything should go. Lay out the storage unit on a piece of paper and assign each box and item a spot. (Graph paper is a handy tool for this job.) This map will help you organize more efficiently. You may find that you don’t need as much space as you thought. Whenever you need to retrieve something, the map can also help you find them more quickly.

Maximizing your space includes having enough room for you to move. Clear pathways make it easier to move and retrieve items when you need them. Use your map and inventory to plan paths. Consider the size and shape of your boxes when making your aisles. Give yourself enough space to move boxes easily, without having to move sideways. Being liberal with your space also makes it more convenient when you have to take out boxes and sift through their contents.

One easy trick to maximizing space is using your walls. Use an “outside to inside” strategy to help you. Start by lining the walls with boxes and containers, then work your way inside to the centre. This approach can also make it easier for you to create paths to reach items inside your storage unit. This strategy can especially help you store more objects in a smaller unit. Placing pegboards on the walls will let you hang bags, tools, or art, leaving floor space for your boxes and larger items.

Place labels for easy identification

After arranging and categorizing all your boxes, it also helps to label them. Labelling makes it easier to find things when you need them, especially if you’ve also arranged beforehand. Read the labels when taking the boxes out to find things more easily. Use simple but specific tags to clearly identify the contents. For example, saying “knives,” “measuring cups,” or “pans” rather than “kitchen” would help you locate what you need in a hurry.

Take your furniture apart before storage

If you’re using your unit to store furniture you’re not using at the moment, consider dismantling them first. Large pieces like beds, desks, and dining sets can take up plenty of space and leave gaps. Disassemble your furniture before storage to avoid wasting any valuable space. After disassembly, pack the pieces flat to make them take up less space. It might take time to disassemble everything, but it pays off in the end.

Get uniform-sized boxes for clean storage

Users sometimes pile clothes and other items in an assortment of different boxes and plastic bags. Use uniform-sized storage supplies (e.g. cardboard boxes or plastic bins) instead. Plastic bags tend to rip and tear, spilling your items on the floor. They can also trap moisture and attract mildew, potentially causing damage to your things. Uniform sized boxes and bins are easier to store and stack, making it easier to keep the unit organized and clean.

Clothes can take up a surprising amount of space (especially bulky things like blankets, winter coats, and thick sweaters). Store these items in vacuum-sealed bags to optimize space. Vacuum sealing comes with a ton of benefits, especially when it comes to conserving space. Sealing removes excess air inside the bags, which helps your clothes take up just a bit less space. Then you can store more bags inside bins and boxes, freeing up more space around the storage unit. As a bonus, this keeps your clothes fresh and clean when you unpack them later.

Use shelves to maximize floor space

Take advantage of the storage unit’s height; this helps you store large objects in a relatively small area. Some units have high ceilings, which can help when stacking boxes. For example, stack mattresses on their ends to leave more floor space for other things. After that, you can use the tops to store pillows and cushions. Another thing to try is adding shelving. Use shelves to store small and medium objects without taking up more floor space. Storing those items like this lets you keep them organized for easier locating when you need them.

Think about how to stack your boxes properly to save space and avoid damage. Stack the heavier boxes (e.g. the ones carrying books) on the bottom to give the rest a solid base. Then stack progressively lighter boxes, with the most fragile items on top. Consider stacking your boxes on pallets for easier and more stable vertical stacking. Pallets also keep your boxes elevated, keeping them more dry and protected. Make sure you’re using durable boxes that can take the pressure of being stacked on top of one another.

Your boxes aren’t the only way to store your possessions. You can store smaller objects inside larger ones to save even more space. For example, fill up old bags and suitcases with clothes and knick-knacks, then place the bags in boxes. Take a look at everything you’re storing in the unit and keep an eye out for empty spaces where you can stash more things.

Give extra care to fragile items

Fragile items need extra protection, even if you’re keeping them in boxes. Pack your breakables (like mirrors and picture frames) with softer items like clothes or blankets for additional protection.

In Canada, the self-storage industry is booming, and now is a good time to take advantage of it. These tips can work great whether you already have a unit or you’re still shopping around. Storage units can free up more space at home and opens up more possibilities for your basements and garages. When you need safe and convenient storage, give Centron Self Storage a call at (647) 7491397. You can count on us to help keep your belongings secure.

What To Do With Your Empty Nest

After devoting their lives to raising a family, parents often feel an emptiness when their last child moves out. The family dynamic must adapt to the adjustments of the child leaving home. Parents often need to get to know each other as a couple again as opposed to filling their roles as parents, and the child must learn to navigate the world as an independent person.

In addition, the parents must decide what they will do with the now-empty rooms. Do they repurpose them into guest rooms, hobby rooms and offices, or do they downsize to a smaller house or condo?

difficult to let your child go

What is Empty Nest Syndrome?

Empty Nest Syndrome is not a clinical disorder; however, it is a real series of emotions that parents go through when their child no longer lives at home. The primary caregiver may even develop feelings of loneliness, grief, or depression, especially if they were a stay-at-home parent.

Dealing With Empty Nest Syndrome

Going away to college, renting their first apartment, or leaving the city they grew up in are all part of growing up for the child. Even if they’ve raised an independent child, parents still worry about their child when they’ve grown into adulthood.

Share coffee chats to keep in touch

  1. Stay Connected

Like most relationship challenges, the best way to deal with the emotions of the empty nest is through open communication. Create a unique way to stay in touch with your child. Here are some fun suggestions to keep connected.

If your child is already phoning, texting, or emailing you frequently, you might not feel a need to create a new tradition.  However, it can be a fun and memorable way to say connected and go down this relationship path together.

Treasured moments are important memories

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

Once your child has left there can be feelings of heartache and loss. It’s important to stay positive when interacting with your child, so they don’t feel guilty for taking these next steps. Be proud of what your child has accomplished. Let them know you support their next steps into adulthood. Celebrate that your child has taken flight and is on to new adventures.

It is essential to let your child know that although you’re proud of them, you miss having them around the home. Balancing emotions is a valuable life lesson, as is the ability to be happy and sad about the same event.

If you or your child are finding the adjustment period particularly challenging, you may want to consider seeking additional support. Talking to your doctor or a mental health provider may help to address the feelings and alleviate your feelings or concerns. It’s okay to navigate through rough seas, but know when you need someone to help you sail through.

Making Changes to Your Home

These changes to your family and lifestyle provide an opportunity for you to make some positive changes on your own. What will you do with the new space? Are you repurposing the old room? Is the house too big for your needs now that the kids are gone? Are you going to convert the basement into a rental suite?

Donate old children's books to a daycare

  1. Decluttering and Repurposing

The first step, regardless of your overall plan, is to get organized. What are you keeping; what will you get rid of? Over our lives, we tend to accumulate stuff — family heirlooms, antiques, sports equipment, or other bulky items. Some items that were passed down to us, we’re ready to pass on. Perhaps one of the children always liked Grandpa’s desk kept and wants to take it with them when they move out. Others we wish to keep for now but will be in the way during any renovations.

A storage locker can be a great way to hold on to the items safely while you decide if you’re going to sell, keep, or give away. Antiques and keepsakes can be safely stored, away from the effects of sunlight, dust, and possible breakage. Your child’s possessions can be secure and easily accessible to them until they can move them into their own place.

Wonderful ways to repurpose:

Keepsakes are important

  1. Storing Keepsakes

Knowing all your memorable items are organized and safely stored will put your mind at rest. Delicate items like old report cards, pictures, artwork, and high school yearbooks can be stored into a portable file folder or a sealable box. Rubbermaid storage boxes are good to keep things dry, or for larger items such as stuffed animals.

Many retailers sell decorative boxes at a low price point if you want to have them on display on a shelf or even just for your closet. If you don’t want to spend money right away, use what you got around the house. Old shoeboxes and gift tissue paper in a sturdy reusable bags will do the trick.

  1. A New Look For An Old Room

Now that your child has moved out, their “old room” becomes just that. An old room, but one with many possibilities. Where do you start? Is it a new workspace, a study, or a small library? Take the treadmill out of the basement and haul it upstairs and a home gym to achieve new health goals.

Painting is a great first step. Choose what you want the room to become, and select a colour scheme that suits that purpose. Whether it’s taking it neutral with white, cream or soft relaxing colours such as light blue or gray, the right look can set the tone for your new room.

A New Space

It will become exciting as you begin the next chapter of your life. As time passes you will see how this new phase in your child’s life is also a successful one in yours as well. Whether you decide to convert the room into a guest room, a hobby room, or a gym, know that there are options for keeping your extra storage items out of the way, but not out of your mind.

Centron Self Storage is ready for your belongings

Centron Self Storage has many excellent options and rates for stage lockers. With their location in North York near Downsview Park they’re ready to keep your big and little things safe. Contact Centron Self Storage in North York at 647-749-1394 for more information about your self-storage options.

Tips For Decluttering Your Small Apartment: What To Do With All Your Stuff?

For many of us, a small apartment is a way to afford a bit of freedom, and have a place of our own. Small apartments also mean tight quarters and a lack of storage. With a small apartment, it isn’t easy to stay organized and finding room for your cherished possessions can be challenging. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, what do you do if you don’t have room for the items that you do need to keep? Here are some tips and tricks for tidying your small space and making the most of your storage space options.

How to Declutter:

Start Small – Experts advise to work room by room and think about starting slow, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Even cleaning one drawer or closet at a time can make a big difference over the long run.

Start by gathering all the same kind of items together

Make a Pile – Collect all of the same items into one spot, (clothes, books, shoes, etc.). It helps us to recognize the number of things we own to see them in one place. Sort through them all.

Get rid of anything broken, damaged or expired and take note of any duplicates.
Separate everything into piles: items to keep, things to donate or sell, and stuff to recycle or throw away.
Take another look at what you are keeping, and what space you have available. Ask yourself if you need to hold onto those items, or if you are keeping them for sentimental reasons.

Folding clothes makes them easier to identify and access

Organize – Find a place for everything to go, then decide on how you will store everything. If everything has a place, it makes tidying up quick and easy.

The host of the popular Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo teaches people how to mindfully declutter their homes and lives through a process called the Marie Kondo Method. Ms. Kondo’s method asks participants to consider if items “spark joy” for them when deciding to keep or to let them go. The show is a cultural phenomenon and has led thousands of Canadians to embrace decluttering. Stuffed garages and attics go from stuffed chaos to organized havens, and homeowners reclaim their beloved long lost possessions.

Ways to Work With a Small Space

While some people may be inspired by minimalist decor, others feel more energized having objects and items around them that remind them of loved ones and past experiences. Whatever your style, having a system to organize your things can make a small space feel like a welcoming home instead of cluttered chaos. Here are some tips to help store your goods:

Store extra linens, blankets and pillows under the bed

Shelves can be a beautiful place to display your sense of style

Shelves – Shelving units (bookshelves, buffets, hutches) can provide excellent storage opportunities that can be made part of your personal decor.

Finding space to store your outdoor gear can be a challenge

What about the Hard-to-Store Items?

It can be challenging finding room for camping, cycling, or other outdoorsy gear when you live in a small apartment that does not have the attic or garage space of a house. What to do with your tent, cooler, camping gear, kayak, and other sports equipment? Here are a few ideas:

Self Storage has the extra space you need

A self-storage location has convenient facilities that are secure, clean, accessible, and affordable. Self-storage is a great option for storing outdoor sports equipment, camping gear, luggage, seasonal items, and all the rest of your stuff that you need to access, but don’t have room for in your small apartment. They have the space you need to store your stuff and organize it properly so everything you need is easily accessible.

Centron Self Storage can help with your hard to store items such as sports equipment and seasonal items and anything else you don’t have room for. You have 24/7 access to your secure and clean storage unit. Take a virtual tour of our facilities and call (647) 749-1396 for storage rentals in North York or (647) 749-1221 in Toronto.

Vital Steps To Keep Your Computer Safe In Storage

Keep Your Computer Safe In Storage

If you’re heading out of the country for an extended period of time, or need to keep older-but-still-useful computer systems in storage, it’s important to prepare the equipment to protect it. Before choosing a temporary home for your hardware, follow these guidelines:

Check Computer Cleanliness

One of the biggest threats to computers in long-term storage is dust collection and corrosion. Although corrosion might seem the bigger problem due to metals breaking apart, dust is an immediate concern.

Any desktop or laptop computer can generate a lot of heat. Processor heat is the biggest contributor, and computers have fail-safes to shut down the system before a fire can start. When dust collects in the system, it traps heat. A computer in storage with dust buildup (especially pre-existing dust) can suffer later.

Computer devices. Mobile phone, laptop, printer, camera and tablet pc. 3d
Before storing the system, clean it (or, better yet, have a professional clean the interior) to reduce corrosion-causing humidity and dust. If you skip this step, you may have a more involved, costly cleaning to deal with later. Or you may require an expensive repair after components become brittle or burnt.

Keep out Dust

After your computer is cleaned, you don’t want more dust creeping in Consider sealing it in a plastic bag before placing it carefully in a box (or bin) in your storage unit.



Centron Self Storage has state-of-the-art facilities, and can protect your valuable equipment better than a basic storage shed. Contact us for computer storage in North York at (647) 749-1396. We have competitive rates and will help with all your equipment storage solutions.


Ways to Keep Your Files Safe and Secure

All businesses eventually run out of room and need more space to house documents and other important paperwork involved in running a company. There are several reasons to store important documents in a storage facility away from the “bricks and mortar” of the business itself.

Safe Storage for Business Documents

Ways to Keep Your Files Safe and Secure

Sometimes companies are required to keep certain paperwork for several years. Those kinds of documents can include past tax documents, legal papers, and past policies and procedures.

If there isn’t enough room to store all documents on site, a good choice is to move files into a storage facility. A lot of small business can’t consider changing locations or adding to their building size, but still have to hold on to important files. A storage facility at a reasonable rate is a great option.

Safety and proper storage of documents can be a concern for some companies. Private financial documents may require security that your building simply doesn’t have, or you may be concerned about water damage and other storage issues. Using a facility with 24 hour security and climate-controlled units can be the answer to those concerns.

How to Choose the Right Facility

There are several things to look for when picking the best storage option for your company:

A storage facility needs to be well-built. Inspect the buildings for roof leaks or other issues that could cause damage to paperwork being stored.

Security needs to be in place, including 24 hour watch and gate access control. The storage units should be well lit with cameras in place to monitor activity inside and surrounding the facility.

Our customer service is available during our business hours to help with any issues involving your storage area. Website access for online rental service is also a plus.

The facility offers supplies at a reasonable rate for packing and shipping.

Centron Self Storage can help when it comes to storing your important business documents. We have two locations in Canada: North York at (647) 749-1394. We understand the importance of keeping your files safe and secure.