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January 9, 2017

Absolute Necessities for Document Storage

Great record keeping can be a challenge for the most organized business or individual. You work hard at keeping your records accurate, up-to-date, and secure. Whether you’re a busy student or a growing company, document storage is necessary for important tax documents or other business paperwork. Protecting everything, keeping only what you need, and storing documents where you can easily access them are vital tasks for small and large businesses alike.


Protecting Documents for Storage

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A quality, opaque plastic container can help protect your documents from moisture or sunlight. Keep your containers organized by buying the same brand and style so they stack together safely and securely. Add a detailed label to at least two sides of the container to help identify contents. Use categories like “Taxes” or “Home” on labels. If you require a detailed content list, put it on top of items inside the bin.



Rotation of Documents in Storage

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Keeping only what you need can be a challenge. To simplify matters, add a “destroy by” date on your container labels to help determine when to purge documents. You can further organize documents in folders within each container with their own “shred dates.” Rotating and purging outdated items will keep costs for document storage to a minimum. Shredding your outdated documents will help ensure your private information is kept secure.


Keep Documents Close

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Great record keeping takes time at first, but if you’re organized it will save hours of work in the future. Selecting nearby storage units will also save time, as well as fuel costs. When you can easily access and sort your documents close to where you work or live, you are more likely to keep things organized, up-to-date, and secure.


Centron Self Storage is ready to help. We have several unit sizes to fit any changing storage needs. We also stock a wide array of packing supplies and tools to make it easy for you to organize. Call us today: North York (647) 749-1397.