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Storage Tips

New to self-storage? We provide secure, clean, and affordable storage units in North York.

To help you keep your items safe and secure, we’ve compiled a few tips from the pros at the Canadian Self Storage Association (CSSA).

  1. Choose the Right Facility

    All self-storage facilities aren’t created equal, so here are a few things to look for when you’re deciding:

    • Location. If you’re planning on accessing your items on a regular basis, find something that’s close to home.
    • Flexibility. Can you get into your storage unit on evenings or weekends if you need to?
    • Cost. Be on the lookout for hidden costs. Ask for quotes from several facilities for the same size unit.
    • Trust. To find a reputable company, look for the CSSA logo – it shows that they’ve been vetted and comply with industry best practices.
    • Size. There’s no point paying for space you’re not using. Make sure the unit is the right size for your needs, with enough space for you to access your items easily.
    • Cleanliness. Take a look at the unit in person. Is it clean and well presented?
    • Security. Is there a surveillance system and other security features?
  2. Pack Smart

    Pack your items so they’re protected, both in transit and in storage.

    • Protect fragile goods such as dishes and glasses in tissue paper or bubble wrap (we sell this).
    • Wrap pictures and mirrors in cardboard marked “fragile” and store them upright.
    • Wrap table legs with bubble wrap.
    • Use mattress covers and dust sheets for soft furnishings (we sell these).
    • Take furniture apart if possible, and put hardware and labels in bags for easy assembly.
    • Store clothing on hangers in wardrobe boxes (we sell those too).
    • Clean garden equipment before storing.
    • Drain and dry out washing machines.
  3. Use Good Quality Boxes

    • Label them clearly on the top and sides to make everything easy to find.
    • Fill them right up to prevent them from tipping or collapsing (if there’s any space left, pack it with paper).
    • Fill drawers with lighter items to use the space as economically as possible.
    • Pack heavy items in several small boxes so they’re easy to lift.

    Need boxes? We sell every size.

  4. Make a Plan

    Think about how you’re going to pack the unit before you start loading it up.

    • Put large items (appliances, furniture, etc.) at the back so they don’t block access.
    • Keep things you’re likely to need near the doors.
    • Stack similarly-sized boxes together.
    • Store sofas on their base to ensure they stay in shape.
    • Stack chairs seat-to-seat, separated with cloth or paper.
    • Avoid placing heavy items on sofas or mattresses.
    • For maximum ventilation, don’t lean or stack furniture against walls.
  5. Rent or Reserve Your Storage Unit On-Line

    Minimize stress by renting or reserving your storage unit on-line in just a few clicks or call us for a reservation today!