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September 10, 2019

What You Need To Know About Self-Storage Security

A good self-storage facility ensures the safety of your belongings

A self-storage unit provides a great place to store your belongings temporarily. Some will be expensive, others important, and others will have sentimental value. This is why it is essential that you choose the right self-storage facility. Every customer renting a self-storage unit should have peace of mind knowing that their belongings are secured and safe. The Importance Of Self-Storage Security Renting a unit without a security system in place is a bad idea. From everyone sharing the same locker key to thieves casually cutting the padlock, an unsecured locker is just too tempting for some thieves. With several local self-storage facilities in the North York area, you need to make a more informed decision to protect your belongings, especially…

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August 27, 2019

Reasons To Rent A Self-Storage Unit

Store your off-season stuff until you need it

The self-storage business is booming more than ever these days. More and more people find themselves turning to self-storage units to keep extra things they may not have space for at home. If you’ve been looking for a reason to get a slice of that pie, there are plenty of reasons why you might need a storage unit yourself. Whether it’s for a home renovation or for holding extra things you’ve picked up here and there, a storage unit may be the answer for you. Here are some basic ways you can use self-storage to help with your needs. Opening Up Space At Home It’s normal to want to declutter now and then. Regular decluttering helps ease storage space at…

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July 18, 2019

Storing Your Vintage Motorcycle or Scooter

Storing a vintage motorcycle needs proper preparation and the right storage unit.

Vintage motorcycles are beautiful pieces of mechanical art; indeed, they are often classified as a “collection,” especially by insurers. Owning a vintage motorcycle can be a costly and time-consuming investment. They require a greater amount of care and maintenance to keep their vintage metalwork, gears, and engines in top shape when compared with newer bikes. To preserve their beauty and mechanical structure, most classic motorcycles need to be stored properly. An improperly-stored vintage motorcycle can be vulnerable to harmful elements, such as rust, corrosion, and humidity, potentially undoing all the hard work you put into restoring it. Storing your motorbike is also a security issue you need to consider. In some cases, your garage may not be the best storage…

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June 18, 2019

How to Maximize Your Unit’s Storage Space

Plan out your storage using graph paper

Storage units are a convenient way of keeping items when you don’t need them yet. Whether you’re storing off-season clothes, storing things for a move, or archiving business files, a storage unit is great for opening up more space at home. However, the unit isn’t unlimited, and it’s easy to run out of room if things aren’t organized properly. It’s vital you know how to pack your storage unit to store your items more efficiently. Try these tips to help maximize your space and get the most out of your storage unit. Keep An Inventory Before you start, make a list of everything you’re putting in your storage unit. This will help you to keep track of everything in the…

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May 27, 2019

What To Do With Your Empty Nest

After devoting their lives to raising a family, parents often feel an emptiness when their last child moves out. The family dynamic must adapt to the adjustments of the child leaving home. Parents often need to get to know each other as a couple again as opposed to filling their roles as parents, and the child must learn to navigate the world as an independent person. In addition, the parents must decide what they will do with the now-empty rooms. Do they repurpose them into guest rooms, hobby rooms and offices, or do they downsize to a smaller house or condo? What is Empty Nest Syndrome? Empty Nest Syndrome is not a clinical disorder; however, it is a real series…

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April 16, 2019

Tips For Decluttering Your Small Apartment: What To Do With All Your Stuff?

For many of us, a small apartment is a way to afford a bit of freedom, and have a place of our own. Small apartments also mean tight quarters and a lack of storage. With a small apartment, it isn’t easy to stay organized and finding room for your cherished possessions can be challenging. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, what do you do if you don’t have room for the items that you do need to keep? Here are some tips and tricks for tidying your small space and making the most of your storage space options. How to Declutter: Start Small – Experts advise to work room by room and think about starting slow, so you don’t get overwhelmed….

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March 31, 2017

Vital Steps To Keep Your Computer Safe In Storage

Keep Your Computer Safe In Storage If you’re heading out of the country for an extended period of time, or need to keep older-but-still-useful computer systems in storage, it’s important to prepare the equipment to protect it. Before choosing a temporary home for your hardware, follow these guidelines: Check Computer Cleanliness One of the biggest threats to computers in long-term storage is dust collection and corrosion. Although corrosion might seem the bigger problem due to metals breaking apart, dust is an immediate concern. Any desktop or laptop computer can generate a lot of heat. Processor heat is the biggest contributor, and computers have fail-safes to shut down the system before a fire can start. When dust collects in the system,…

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