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February 17, 2017

Winter Preparation for Your Self Storage Facility

When it comes to items in your self-storage facility, prepping for the winter is a great idea to keep belongings safe and clean. Here are some tips to help you prepare your stored property for the colder, frigid months: Prepare the Entryway If you plan to access your unit during inclement weather (or anytime during the winter), place a doormat and tray for snow boots in the doorway of your storage area. Remove wet items before entering your storage unit. Have towels or paper towels nearby to wipe up rain, snow, or ice that gets on the floor. This protects both your cardboard boxes and prevents accidents.   Stock Plenty of Packing Blankets If you think you might be moving…

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February 13, 2017

Surprising Reasons Why Self Storage Is a Great Valentine Gift

Are you looking for a great Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, but aren’t sure where to start? Self storage is a surprisingly good present for this romantic holiday. Reserve a good self storage area for your sweetheart — and you can do it easily online: Protect Valued Possessions Most self-storage areas have security, cameras, and controlled access that protect your valuables. A storage facility can be a better option than a home basement where flooding or an easy break-in will destroy something cherished. Show You Care If you love someone, you care for the items they hold most dear. By making it easy to store personal treasures or important documents, you’ll show your Valentine that their “stuff” is…

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January 9, 2017

Combat Clutter with New Year’s Self Storage

Storage isn’t only for furniture and boxes. It also clears out those bulky holiday decorations that don’t seem to fit anywhere. As you take down Christmas trees, ornaments, wreaths, special napkins, towels and bric-a-brac to begin a new year, organize your home and create a brand new space for yourself. What can a self-storage unit do for you? Organizing clutter can reduce stress and help you regain control of everyday life. Have you always wanted to make your basement into a recreational room or art studio? Where will you put all the items stored down there? By renting a self-storage unit, you’ll know important documents, bins, and boxes are kept safely on another site. Clear out closets, rooms, or your…

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January 9, 2017

Absolute Necessities for Document Storage

Great record keeping can be a challenge for the most organized business or individual. You work hard at keeping your records accurate, up-to-date, and secure. Whether you’re a busy student or a growing company, document storage is necessary for important tax documents or other business paperwork. Protecting everything, keeping only what you need, and storing documents where you can easily access them are vital tasks for small and large businesses alike.   Protecting Documents for Storage A quality, opaque plastic container can help protect your documents from moisture or sunlight. Keep your containers organized by buying the same brand and style so they stack together safely and securely. Add a detailed label to at least two sides of the container…

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December 23, 2016

Make the Best of your Holiday Storage!

There are many places to store your belongings. Whether you store in your attic, storage closet or even a rented storage space, you have to put your precious items somewhere! Wherever you choose to store, space is always limited and holiday decorations can make your space feel especially cluttered.   Create a Space Dedicated for Each Season If you have decorations for many holidays, it’s important to pack and store for each separate season. When your decorations and other belongings are not specifically grouped or labeled, it can create a huge mess and make it impossible to find things when you need them. Keep your springtime decorations in one section and your Thanksgiving/winter holiday decorations in another.   Organize Each…

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December 16, 2016

Canadian Self Storage History: As Varied as Our Land

You need space to live, work and play. As the Canadian population increased, the amount of open space became limited. The self storage industry has grown to fill this void. Learn about the history of the self storage industry: Self Storage History Historians believe that both ancient China and 19th-century England had self storage. When wealthy English individuals planned on taking an extended vacation, they could leave their belongings in a secure British bank crate. The Canadian self storage industry has seen tremendous growth since the 1980s, with more advanced computer security, surveillance cameras and climate-controlled units. As of 2011, there were an estimated 3,000 self storage facilities in Canada. There are about 60,000 self storage units in the entire…

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November 24, 2016

Selecting Storage Facilities to Meet Your Needs

Have you shifted to a smaller house or sold your home? Do you just have too much stuff that you do not want to throw away simply because it won’t fit in your house? It’s clear, then: You need a storage facility. How do you choose the best place to store your belongings without breaking the bank? Here are some hints: Choose Your Size It is important to consider the items you intend to store and get an idea the amount of space needed. Larger storage units will cost more per month. However, if you have big items or furniture, you’ll require that larger unit. Also, consider the fact that you not only need a unit that fits all your…

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