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March 21, 2016

Keeping Your Motorcycle Perfect for Next Semester!

Keeping Your Motorcycle Perfect for Next Semester!

All Good Things Must Be Stored Sometime

Once the weather has decided the time for riding on your motorcycle through the countryside is past tense, you shall need a safe and secure storage garage for it. If a heated secure garage sealed from wind, rain and vandals is not available for your motorcycle and its accessories, no need to think about the vagaries of parking on the road or in an alley. Definitely don’t think of loaning it to a friend while you don’t need its transportation.

Your best friends at Centron Storage in North York have access to a 5’x10’ or 10’x10’ rental unit for your motorcycle and all of its expensive accessories. The water tight secure storage unit has many features to keep your two or three wheeled motor transport safe as long as you need. The rates for all sizes are quite affordable and the first month’s insurance is free so you have time to contact your own insurer for storage coverage.

Be a Wise Storage Owner

Before you give your cycle a wave good bye, be wise enough to use good precautions. If you do, your return to the motorcycle will be a joy with everything about it as good as new and waiting impatiently for you.

Take time to:
• Remember to put a weather cover over the vehicle to keep it dust free.
• Beforehand, give your motorcycle a proper wash, especially its underneath, to avoid tar, droppings, salt, grease, or mud accumulated damaging your paint job or leaving a permanent stain of street grunge it will take a chisel to remove when you return.
• A proper wax will seal the deal for your next ride.
• Wipe down the chrome and protect all leather.
• You might want to put your vehicle up on jack stands to avoid flat spots in your tires and keep rubber healthy,
• Inflate tires to just above usual air pressure and use a chock to avoid any movement.
• Don’t ignore the battery, an expensive thing to ignore. If you are to be gone a month or longer, remove the battery altogether and leave it in a cool dry place. You can keep the battery charged to avoid freezing.
• You can clean your battery while you’re at it using water and baking soda if you are a little OCD when away from your cycle.

Returning to Your Prized Possession

When eventually you return to what may be the most expensive personal property you own, every moment spent preparing your motorcycle for its dormancy will be worth it in gems. It will be road ready and champing at its throttles to get on the road with you, knowing you both are looking great.

Contact the friendly staff at Centron Storage now to reserve a good unit that is exactly the size you need. Then relax knowing we will be here when you need to leave your motorcycle. And we’ll be here at Centron Storage whenever you need to pick it up.