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December 23, 2016

Make the Best of your Holiday Storage!

There are many places to store your belongings. Whether you store in your attic, storage closet or even a rented storage space, you have to put your precious items somewhere! Wherever you choose to store, space is always limited and holiday decorations can make your space feel especially cluttered.


  1. Create a Space Dedicated for Each Season

Christmas Tree

If you have decorations for many holidays, it’s important to pack and store for each separate season. When your decorations and other belongings are not specifically grouped or labeled, it can create a huge mess and make it impossible to find things when you need them. Keep your springtime decorations in one section and your Thanksgiving/winter holiday decorations in another.


  1. Organize Each Section 


Organize each box/area based on your personal timeline. If you put up a Christmas tree before bringing out the beautiful holiday-themed china that grandma gave you, stack your lights and ornaments above that beloved (well-packed and preserved) box of china. If you decorate for fall using hay, pumpkins, and scarecrows, place Halloween decorations in front of anything you pull out for Thanksgiving.


  1. Give Every Storage Box a Label

If you have many items for each holiday season, it’s hard to see what is in each box. Sort your items carefully and put a detailed label on each box or bin. If you have a large number of specific items like Christmas ornaments, sort the ornaments and create labels such as “gingerbread ornaments” or “antique ornaments.”


  1. Rotate Your Storage

When you pull out one season’s worth of boxes and bins, place the next holiday’s storage closer to the front. This allows you to keep everything you need next time more accessible in your storage space and avoid the headache created by trying to find things in your space.

Even with a lot of organization, sometimes your belongings still are too much for the basement, attic or condo “storage cage.” Should you need extra storage space, please give us a call! You can even reserve a unit online. Reach Centron Self Storage in North York: (647) 749-1396.