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September 16, 2016

Storing School Supplies in Innovative Ways

school supplies storing

Anyone that teaches school, has a student in school, or supports the educational system knows how many school supplies kids can go through in a month or even a week, much less an entire year. Schools can get big discounts on supplies if they buy in bulk. However, sometimes schools don’t have the storage space available on campus to keep all the supplies they need. Many school officials find themselves in a situation where their supplies are kept several miles from campus, making it difficult for them to get access to items they need when they need them.

The Need for School Supplies

Obviously, school supplies have to be available to our young people in order for them to get the best possible education. Classrooms without proper supplies are unable to complete important projects in a timely fashion. With overcrowding in some school systems, many modern campuses are trying to make every square inch of space count, thereby minimizing the amount of space available for storage. This can create something of a perfect storm where students and teachers alike need supplies, but cannot reach them without significant delay.

Availability Is Key

When supplies, additional furniture, or other critical products to educators, their difficult job can become more frustrating. The challenge is to find a nearby place that allows schools to safely store supplies without worrying about them being ruined or stolen. They place these precious commodities in the hands of someone else, and it is critical they can get to those supplies quickly and know that they are safely and securely stowed.

Using Self Storage Units

centron storage

One of the most effective methods to store school supplies off site is to use self-storage units. There is a great deal of versatility involved here, as supplies can be stored in another location that is completely dedicated to storage. In an innovative, new move, some storage facilities provide individual storage units that can be moved directly to school grounds. These units give teachers access to supplies at a moment’s notice. The best part is that when this type of storage is utilized, the contents inside of them can be kept safe and secure indefinitely on campus.

If you have the challenge of properly storing supplies for your educational program, and often find yourself without the items you need, contact Centron Self Storage. We have more than one location serving Ontario, Canada, and our professionals can help you decide which type of setup is best for you. Instead of worrying about supplies, call Centron Self Storage at 416-739-0000 and remedy the situation today.