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February 17, 2017

Winter Preparation for Your Self Storage Facility

When it comes to items in your self-storage facility, prepping for the winter is a great idea to keep belongings safe and clean. Here are some tips to help you prepare your stored property for the colder, frigid months:
Prepare the Entryway
If you plan to access your unit during inclement weather (or anytime during the winter), place a doormat and tray for snow boots in the doorway of your storage area. Remove wet items before entering your storage unit. Have towels or paper towels nearby to wipe up rain, snow, or ice that gets on the floor. This protects both your cardboard boxes and prevents accidents.


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Stock Plenty of Packing Blankets
If you think you might be moving items out of storage during colder months, wrapping (properly packaged) glass items in moving blankets will prevent cracking or breakage in extreme cold. These items are often available for rental from moving companies or storage facilities.
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Take a Flashlight
You never know when you might enter your storage facility in late afternoon, only to exit after the sun has gone down. Since the days are shorter in winter, protect yourself from tripping and slipping outside by taking along a pocket flashlight. Professional facilities are well-lit, but it’s always It’s always best to protect yourself from black ice that is difficult to spot when walking to your vehicle.

If you are looking to rent a self storage unit this winter, reserve online at Centron Self Storage or call our storage experts in North York at (647) 749-1394.