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December 27, 2017

Tips to Maximize Your Self-Storage Space

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit. You might be undergoing a home renovation, dealing with divorce, changing your living arrangements, or moving for work. One of the most common mistakes people make when placing their belongings in a self-storage unit is to simply pile them up and walk away. This may work initially, but causes problems later when you want to access your items or add to the unit. Without proper organization, valuable space is wasted.

centron self storage

A 10’ x 10’ self-storage unit can actually accommodate all the items in a 1000 square foot apartment. Storing a lot of items in an average-sized storage unit requires some critical thinking and smart strategies. Here are some quick tips for packing your things:


  • Create a Storage Map – A storage map can both maximize the space and help you easily find an item when you need to retrieve it in the future. Using grid paper, plot where to place your items. Label storage boxes and use colour codes to mark where items are on your map.


  • Install Shelves – Setting up standing shelf units in the storage area makes organization easier. Use heavy duty metal or plastic stackable units, and carefully store delicate and breakable items on the shelves. This helps clear valuable space on the floor.


  • Disassemble Large Furniture – Large furniture takes up a lot of space. Taking apart big pieces frees space for other items. Group the parts together and protect them using industrial plastic wrap.


  • Pack Strategically – Placing items together according to their purpose helps you easily access them later. If you are using storage boxes, label them. Boxes containing heavy items need to be positioned at the bottom, and lighter boxes stacked on top.


  • Create Pathways – Do not forget to create clear pathways so you can freely access the items in the storage area. The paths need to allow enough space to transport boxes safely without having to turn sideways or contort your body.

centron self storage

Although proper packing and organization require a bit of work, maximizing a storage space saves money and time. If you are looking for a self-storage unit that provides high security and the best value, call Centron Self-Storage. Please visit this page to view our North York location and contact information.