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October 12, 2014

Summer’s Over—Take Care Of All Your Warm Weather Supplies with Centron Storage

Summers Over Image

Whether you like it or not, summer’s now come to an end. The air’s turned crisp and the leaves have begun to turn colour and fall, meaning your light and breezy clothing—that summer dress, favourite Hawaiian shirt, skimpy pair of short shorts, and lazy flip-flops are reaching the end of their yearly rotation. You’re no doubt in the process of preparing your home for the incoming cold weather—taking in that air conditioner and closing windows, draining the pool and stacking patio furniture. But if you’re like most people, you may struggle each season to find a space for your things. Thankfully, Centron Storage has all your fun summer stuff covered!

Clothes, Shoes, Hats, and More

If you’ve got an abundance of sandals, bathing suits, beach towels, Tilley hats, and light cotton or linen clothing, we’ve got the right storage unit for you. Our small and medium-sized boxes can take care of all your summer clothing needs. If you have something a bit fancier—a super-light but super-elegant dress, a barely there but absolutely boss suit—we have 14-cubic-foot wardrobe boxes, allowing you to safely hang your treasured garb. These tall boxes can also house your summer draperies, blinds, and linens.

Pool and Patio Furniture

Now that the pool is empty, those pool noodles, floatation devices, beach balls, and kick boards need to be stored somewhere, right? We’re also happy to hold on to your lawn chairs, badminton nets, soccer balls, kiddie pools, and your favourite hammock for those lazy naps in the humid afternoons. Keep your shed and garage clutter-free and dedicated to dealing with the season at-hand (and c’mon, get raking—have you seen your lawn?).

Cottage Supplies and Vehicles

Cottage life may still be viable, but it’s certainly not the same as it was from April to September. With the cold air, you may have to pack away all your water gear: your fishing rods, lifejackets, wetsuits, flippers, snorkels, goggles, and other deep-sea diving items. We are also able to safely store your larger watercraft: even Sea-Doos and Jet Boats are no match for our summer storage capabilities! We can wrap them tight in blankets, bubble wrap, and other protective packing to ensure they’re safe and sound. Get those outdoor vehicles into a safe, warm, dry space and avoid any weather-related damages so that they’re as good as new next spring!

Don’t let the ghosts of summers past cramp your autumn style. Allow Centron Storage to make room for another beautiful Ontario fall.