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March 13, 2013

Storage Units: Thinking Out of the Box in Toronto, Canada

But of course we have boxes

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Okay…it is a given that when     people think about storage units that they think strictly about stashing boxes or old furniture from Aunt Martha…..but it can be so much more. While there are some guidelines for what can and cannot be stored in these units (and depending on whether they are climate controlled) storage units can assist in helping make the transition from one phase of life to another.
Without becoming metaphysical in nature, it is not a hard claim to make when you think about the way it feels to start from a clean slate. Donna Milligan, in Toronto, Canada, says, “We wanted to redo our guestroom but didn’t know where to start. Storage units aren’t that expensive and we were able to move everything out of our guest room and into the storage unit for a month while we painted, redid the flooring, and selected new accessories.” Says Milligan with a smile, “The best thing was when we realized that we had too much stuff and we were able to put some of it up for sale. Not only did we make enough to more than cover our storage unit, but we were able to go out and have a nice dinner, too.”
Others who access and use storage units, especially in the Toronto, Canada area, use the storage units as they leave university and make that big step into the work world. Most university students have more furniture, clothes, and electronic equipment than will, or can, be safely stored, in the trunk of a car. For the cost of a cup of coffee a day a university student can store their belongings long enough to find that new apartment, new job, new life.
When the Starks, who lived outside of the Toronto area, had to downsize and move because of a new job they were able to have the peace of mind that their belongings would be protected while they found a new apartment and decided what pieces they would keep and what they would donate or sell. With the stress of moving and settling in, it gave them peace of mind to know that there was a storage unit company close by.
Many businesses are looking for ways to expand without going into the red, and storage units are once again coming to the rescue, offering a viable expansion option. Local storage units, especially those conveniently located in the Toronto areas, offer useable office space for the storage of old files, folders, records, and equipment that is still needed, but not used often enough to keep on the premises. Display stands for trade-shows, samples, and other items are kept in great condition until needed. Expanding one’s business into a storage unit can save small businesses the cost and trouble of a new office space as the business grows.
With the economy placing businesses, homes, families, and organizations into decisions that they have never considered, keep in mind that storage units (in Toronto or elsewhere) can offer viable options for every phase of life.

Boxily Yours,

Centron Guy