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September 16, 2013

Smart Packing: Preparing your Belongings

Smart Packing: Preparing your BelongingsSmart Packing: Preparing your Belongings

Packing your items is one of the most important parts of your storage adventure. This is because the way you pack will determine how big of a unit you need, how much time you will spend unpacking, how secure your items are, and the list goes on. Packing efficiently- and intelligently will not only protect your belongings but make your life infinitely easier down the road.


The Heavy Items:

Organizing items by weight is of crucial importance. There are many considerations to make in regards to how heavy or light your items are. Every box you pack should have its heavier contents at the bottom. You wouldn’t put your watermelon over your dozen eggs when shopping; likewise you shouldn’t put your speakers on top of your glass photo frame.


What are you packing?

There are many items which do not belong in a storage unit. There are the basic things to avoid: pantry items, perishable foods and drinks. There are also the not-so-basic items. Wax figures and candles will melt. Batteries can leak acid and become very dangerous. Same with fluorescent light bulbs.


Organize, organize, organize!

Keeping all of your items in organized boxes is the best way to save your precious free time. Finding your belongings will be much easier when they are grouped together and labeled. It is also important to go into specifics with the labels. Don’t just write “Jane’s Room”- write “Jane’s Room Wardrobe”, “Jane’s Room Electronics” etc. Otherwise when you try and locate your items in your storage unit you will spend hours cutting through the wrong boxes.


Packing Securely:

Don’t forget that some items are fragile and may need extra safety precautions to stay in one piece. You can ask the friendly staff at Centron Storage for assistance with this. We recommend bubble wrap and newspapers to secure these belongings. Soft rubber or towels are also a good item to protect fragile items from the stiff cardboard sides.


We’re almost ready to go! Just a few things to do before we begin stashing away our belongings in a secure North York storage space. Make sure you use strong tape to seal your boxes. You should use strong tape at the bottom of the box (if heavier contents are inside) in order to add extra protection. You don’t want anything falling out from the bottom of an unsecured box.


Storing Your Boxes:

You should plan out your storage unit in order to make the most convenient use of space possible. That is, where everything will go. Heavier boxes should be at the bottom, lighter ones on top (unless you want the heavy ones breaking the light ones). The items you need access to most often should also be at the front of your unit or a location easily accessible so you do not have to dig through a whole unit to find them. It is also beneficial to create a drawn layout and tape it to the door. This way you will always know where to look for what; you won’t have to rely on memory half a year later.


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