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December 11, 2017

Why Renting Self Storage Is Great for the Holidays

The holiday season is often about spending time with family and friends. Among all the preparation, running around, and shopping for presents, we may not notice that our homes have become disorganized and messy. This situation can be especially stressful when you are planning to invite guests to stay over the holidays. Make some room for them by rearranging and storing unneeded items.

Centron Self Storage

Self-storage units come in handy this time of the year. For the safekeeping of your belongings and furniture, consider:

  • More space for guests – If you live a small space, you can make room for additional occupants by renting a self-storage unit, instead of putting guests in a nearby hotel. By temporarily storing some furniture, you can make room for an air mattress and extra luggage.
  • Make room for a Christmas tree –  If you have limited space in your house, forcing a Christmas tree into a small corner can make the room look crowded. Self-storage can provide the space you need for a tree.
  • Keep your home organized – Many homeowners decorate during the holiday season. However, some people need to free up some space for extra garland and special embellishments. By storing extra furniture, you can make your home look more organized, create space for presents, and place storage bins out of sight.
  • Hide gifts – Some people begin shopping for presents early to avoid the holiday rush. You may need a place to secretly store gifts to keep them away from prying eyes — especially if you have little ones. A storage unit can also be a place to wrap presents without worrying about little snoopers.

centron self storage boxes

Self-storage units come in different sizes, depending on your requirements. If you are looking for the perfect place to make holiday preparation easier, Centron Self-Storage has solutions for you. Contact us at (647) 749-1398 to learn more about our self-storage facilities in North York.