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October 24, 2016

Surprising Ways to Protect Your Items in Self-Storage

Are you interested in self-storage, but are worried you might make mistakes that could ruin your precious belongings? There are a wide variety of useful hints and tips to keep in mind. Keep your items safe from damage, and make your self-storage experience pleasurable.

Charcoal in a Tin Pan

If you live in an area with high humidity or are worried about moisture damaging items in your storage center, place a small tin pan in your storage center and fill it up with charcoal. Why? Charcoal will absorb the moisture in the air and keep the room free from excessive humidity. For best results, change the pan at least once a week.

Dryer Sheets in the Corners

To keep insects and spiders away from the items in your storage center, place dryer sheets in each corner and in each box. Insects and spiders are not only repulsed by dryer sheets, but the sheets will also help make the room smell fresher. Ideally, replace them once a month and make sure to clean out any dead pests you find.

Cardboard Boxes (not plastic)

While there are a wide range of materials available for storage boxes (including the always popular plastic), cardboard is probably your best bet. Why? Cardboard, unlike plastic, can breathe (i.e. let oxygen in and out of your boxes).

Airtight boxes might seem like a better bet here, but they can actually trap moisture and cause serious damage to your items. Excessive humidity and moisture will degrade the quality of your items, and can cause boxes to expand and contract when the temperatures change.

Don’t Pack Your Storage Space to the Limit!

If you fill your storage unit up completely, allowing items to touch the walls, you are increasing growth potential for mould. Storage units need ventilation to breathe and to decrease moisture and humidity in the air. Keep a space of at least two feet from the wall and your items.

You can also help avoid mould by placing pallets under your boxes/items. This will create breathing room underneath and reduce the risk of developing mould. It’s also a good idea to throw a sheet or some other covering item over your boxes to keep them protected.

If you need help with more self-storage tips like this, call us at Centron Self Storage. We can help you avoid making the kinds of mistakes that ruin a lot of people’s storage experience. Call our North York office (647) 749-1397. Make an appointment with one of our storage specialists to learn more. We can help you rent now or help you prepare for renting later when you’re more certain of your particular storage needs.