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March 18, 2013

Move in Ready: Storage Units Make News

Say it isn’t so!  With the economy suffering in nearly every mechanized country in the world, it is no wonder that news stories like this one exist. A few months ago the Salt Lake Police department in Utah, United States found people living in five units of a storage facility.

Families Staying in Storage Units

Each year many families choose to live in storage units because they have no other recourse.

The units had been retrofitted with makeshift bedding and had room for food, clothing and other living items. Officers reported that it was foul smelling and that in many of the units the occupants had been using buckets for makeshift lavatories.

The health department promptly closed the storage units citing numerous safety hazards and broken codes. While the officers suspected that there were also children living in the units there were no children present at the time that they searched the premises.

When the manager was interviewed she said that many families could not afford traditional rent and that at least one family living there did have children, one of them a three month old infant. She went on to say, however, that she’d evicted them on numerous occasions and that they kept coming back. This had been going on, she reports, for about 6 months.

No arrests were made.

This is a shocking commentary on the state of the world economy when people are driven to live in storage units. Granted, some storage units, and many of the ones that we know of in North York area, are nice enough to live in, but seriously??? At what point can provinces and states continue to refuse basic necessities to the members of their communities?

It behooves those who live in an area to do what they can to lessen the burden of those around them. Many times we’ve extended our services and have done charitable drives and donations to assist. However, we….and I think those of you in the industry…..join me in saying that the charity has to draw a line when it comes to ‘move in readiness’.

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