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November 13, 2012

Kit Out Your Storage Unit for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

2012 has been a year where the world heard of zombie like activities take place in Florida and New Jersey. Just because we are in North York, that does not mean we are exempt from the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, maybe you are not afraid of zombies or believe we will not have a Shaun of the Dead moment in our lifetime, but just in case, you should have a storage unit of goods that can be stored long-term.

To avoid the zombie Apocalypse or any disaster that may hit at  any time, kit our your storage unit with the following:

Water: You can never have enough water as we need it to breathe, bathe, and just live life. Buy as many bottles or gallons of water necessary for your storage unit.

Canned Goods:  You might as well ask Centron if you can build shelves in your unit because you should stock up on as much canned goods as possible, dry or liquid based canned goods. If you have a large family, you will need enough to last until Will Smith finds a cure for the zombies.

Peanut Butter: Besides being high in protein, peanut butter is a quick bite to eat with or without bread. This is a staple of any zombie kit.

Reusable Utensils/Plates/Bowls:  Buy as much as you need because if you do not have  running water, reusable or disposable items will come in handy. Leave the fancy stuff for the zombies to rummage through our you can use your storage unit to keep all valuables safe.

Baking Soda: No running water or access to toothpaste will make it hard to clean those pearly whites. Keep a few boxes of baking soda, take it back to the old days! You can also use baking soda to keep things fresh.

Canned Fruit: Canned fruit surprisingly has great shelf life! Keep a few cans for the kids or if you need to fight off a few zombies, the weight of the can will knock a few out.

What else can we add to our zombie apocalypse storage kit?

Talk to us on Facebook  and tell us what else you would add to your zombie apocalypse storage unit at Centron. Give us a few tips on how we can fend off the zombies.

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