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January 30, 2019

Additional Tips for Winter Car Storage

For some drivers, storing their car during the winter is a smart investment; it can protect the vehicle from harsh weather conditions. The chilly winter air can damage many of your car’s components. Although we touched on this subject a few months ago, we want to provide even more in-depth information about why keeping your car out of the rust-inducing salt, slush, and sludge might be a smart move. Storing your ride does not simply mean parking it inside a safe, warm space until springtime. There are important steps you need to take to keep your vehicle in pristine condition while it is safely kept in storage. Here are some quick tips to get your car ready for wintertime hibernation….

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December 15, 2018

Six Tips to Create Peaceful Energy in Your Home

Let’s face it—we live in stressful times where uncertainty rules and the news isn’t always good. What we need is a place where we can find peace—an oasis of calm in a tumultuous world. How do we create peaceful energy in our own homes? Numerous studies reinforce the idea that a serene and beautiful living space has a direct and positive influence on our mood and psychological health. The ancient Chinese practice of feng shui reinforces the importance of aligning a structure’s energy so as to create harmony for those who live there. Many people feel their mood lift when their homes are even marginally tidier and more organized. Achieving calm, soothing energy in your home doesn’t need to involve…

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November 7, 2018

Get Ready for Autumn and Winter Fun:
Store Summer Toys and Furniture

When we were young, the autumn felt like the beginning of a new year; school started again and the carefree days of summer came to an end. Even in adulthood, autumn continues to feel like a time for a re-set. It’s a great time to put away summer toys into storage and prep for the winter. Summer may get a lot of love and songs written about it, but it’s really the autumn that many people secretly love best. As the romantic poet John Donne said, “In Heaven, it is always autumn.” What’s not to love about fall? The weather is either gorgeous or gorgeously stormy, the trees are trying on their new wardrobe in reds and golds and oranges,…

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October 30, 2018

11 Useful Tips for Storing Stuff for Winter

When storing your summer stuff for winter you’ll need to protect it, even if it’s going to into a clean, dry self-storage facility. The cold and lack of use of certain electronic devices and other items can inflict severe damage if they aren’t stored properly. This is the second part of our autumn blogs reinforcing why prepping your items for storage is a good idea. Cold and lack of use can hurt your belongings. Protect your treasured possessions by protecting them before winter storage. Use these helpful tips to prevent harm and keep your stuff in pristine condition. Start early so you have plenty of time to safeguard all the things you plan to store during the cold weather. Use…

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September 12, 2018

Make Way for Your “Word on the Street” Book Haul

The Word on the Street Festival is coming. Along with the festival’s fully-packed itinerary of lectures, music, readings, and other fun events is an collection of books and magazines available for purchase. Whether you’re a collector, a bibliophile, or an avid reader, now is the time to consider viable storage options to house new reading acquisitions. In 2018 The Word on the Street is celebrating its 29th festival on Sunday, September 23rd at Harbourfront Centre from 10 AM to 5 PM. Celebrate the literary scene with prominent literary organizations and several of Canada’s best writers. Listen as local authors share their most riveting pieces; attend various workshops to learn from literary world influencers; participate in the numerous activities the festival…

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August 27, 2018

Clever Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Every square foot matters, especially in small houses, condominiums, and apartments . As much as we may want to keep all our belongings in our homes, the space can become disorganized and cluttered. Creating multi-functional areas is essential to both living and working spaces. While organization and decluttering has   it takes some clever and creative thinking. If you are short on square footage, here are some storage ideas: Use Vertical Spaces – There are several up-and-down spaces in your home that can be put to good use. For example; you can purchase slim wire baskets and place them on the back of your bedroom door. This keeps contents in view and easily accessible. Shelving units are also useful — both…

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August 20, 2018

Smart Tips to Store Your Vehicle This Winter

Winter storage for cars and motorcycles means that in fall many vehicle owners have to say a temporary goodbye to their motorized friend. This can be especially true if you don’t have a garage — or other items like ice melt, lawnmowers, and snowblowers are competing for room in your at-home storage space. Although winter is still a short time away, it is never too early to look for a reliable self-storage unit to free up the area and protect your vehicle. Why Use Storage?  Storing  your vehicle in a a safe, cost-effective, and dry place is good for the machine. Also, slick, icy winter roads increase the risk of accident and injury. It might be a good time to retire…

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