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March 22, 2018

Long-Term Storage Tips for Clothing

When placing anything in long-term storage, it’s wise to ensure your items will not suffer any damage. Clothes, especially those made of natural fibres, are especially vulnerable. Protect your clothes with the following tips: Wash or launder before storage. If you store unwashed clothes, chemicals (like those in perfumes and deodorants) will stain the fabric over time. Existing stains will settle and become more difficult to remove. Dirty clothes can also attract mould, mildew, and pests. Ensure a longer shelf life for your clothes by washing or dry cleaning them before storage. Do not vacuum-seal clothing. Although it’s true that vacuum-sealing can save space and leave more room for other items, it comes with a setback — it can damage…

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March 15, 2018

Moving and Storing Fragile Items

Whether you’re placing belongings in storage or moving them to a new location, protecting fragile items and electronics can be a challenge. Proper packaging is crucial. Items stored for long periods are vulnerable to moisture and varying temperatures, and those placed in transit could be mishandled. Foolproof your packages to withstand high levels of abuse with the following tips: Packing Materials Consider the following aspects when choosing packaging materials: Resistance. Ascertain whether the material can hold the weight of your item. If packing material bursts under the weight of the contents, stored items could become unstable and fall. Materials like corrugated cardboard are more resistant to pressure and can carry heavy weight without rupturing. Durability. Changes in air pressure, humidity…

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February 24, 2018

Tips to Save on Self-Storage Unit Costs


The thought of having an extra storage space can be appealing to many homeowners for a number of good reasons. It is an expense that requires some thought, especially if you are on a budget, but renting a self-storage unit does not have to cause financial stress. There are smart ways to save on self-storage unit costs. Here is a money-saving guide to keep in mind:   Strategic Location – Although your first instinct may be to choose a self-storage facility close to home, you may wish to consider renting a unit beyond your locality. If you live in a rural area, larger facilities near metropolitan cities may have lower premiums. However, this strategy is only viable if you don’t…

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February 13, 2018

Questions to Ask before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

illustration of a self storage unit

People rent self-storage units for a number of reasons. Whether downsizing or moving from a house to a small apartment, you may require a place to safely store furniture and other personal belongings temporarily. Depending upon where you live, there may be a number of self-storage unit facilities. Choosing the right one to meet your needs can be challenging. You can use the Internet to research the best self-storage in your area. After narrowing the list, equip yourself with these questions to help make an informed decision: What security features do you have in place? Security is a crucial feature that every self-storage facility should provide. Having strong security features in place keeps your belongings safe year-round. The best self-storage…

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January 22, 2018

Self Storage Dos and Don’ts

A storage area is a helpful solution to keep your personal belongings safe and secure in a single location where only you have access. While a self-storage unit is a great convenience, the process of moving and storing can be made easier with a few tips. Here is a set of dos and don’ts for a better self-storage experience: DO: Research – While there may be a number of self-storage facilities around your area, research the reliability and trustworthiness of each facility by checking review sites like Yelp, asking for referrals from friends/family members, and reading the testimonial section on their websites. Read the Contract – Understand the terms and conditions carefully before signing a contract. If there is a…

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January 17, 2018

Choosing the Right Storage Unit Size

There are certain circumstances in life when you may consider renting a self-storage facility, like downsizing an apartment, home renovation, and keeping holiday decorations organized. One important consideration is to determine the size of storage unit you require. Choosing a secure storage facility can be relatively easy, but determining the right size for you can be somewhat complicated. Here are some quick tips to help determine the right size for your storage needs: Take inventory – Create an inventory of all your belongings, including furniture and equipment, and estimate the number of boxes you’ll store. This is the first step in determining appropriate storage size. Use a measuring tape and take down dimensions of large furniture. Use the Centron Self…

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December 27, 2017

Tips to Maximize Your Self-Storage Space

There are many reasons to rent a storage unit. You might be undergoing a home renovation, dealing with divorce, changing your living arrangements, or moving for work. One of the most common mistakes people make when placing their belongings in a self-storage unit is to simply pile them up and walk away. This may work initially, but causes problems later when you want to access your items or add to the unit. Without proper organization, valuable space is wasted. A 10’ x 10’ self-storage unit can actually accommodate all the items in a 1000 square foot apartment. Storing a lot of items in an average-sized storage unit requires some critical thinking and smart strategies. Here are some quick tips for…

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