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November 7, 2012

Design and Storage–Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest Two Studio Apartment

Centron Self Storage does not moonlight as a team of interior designers but we know how to spot an uncluttered apartment that is breathtaking. We took to Pinterest to find interesting pictures of decorative spaces that would make anyone want to clean house immediately and hire an interior decorator. Design and storage go hand-in-hand as you want to bring out the old and start fresh with the new, but you don’t want to give your items away just yet. Here are some examples of great spaces and interior design that will blow your mind:  According to DesigntoInspire.net, this apartment was designed by Maurizio Giovannoni, and architect and interior designer in Rome. You know what they say, when in rome! Not sure…

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November 6, 2012

Use Storage as Inventory Warehouse Facility

Cheap Storage Buildings

Your small business may not have the backroom storage capabilities to double as an inventory warehouse facility to store items temporarily or long-term. Did you know some of Centron Self-Storage customers in North York use our facilities to store retail items, restaurant appliances,  accessories,  and other items temporarily until they are needed? If you have looked on our storage calculator page, you may find Centron’s facilities can store large kitchen and home appliances, electronics, furniture, and sporting equipment, among other items. Here are some examples of small businesses like yours that can benefit from our North York facility for your warehouse needs: Restaurants- Maybe you own a small boutique restaurant or part of a large chain of eateries, despite your…

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November 5, 2012

Halloween Decorations and Storage

Storage Solutions Company

Halloween decorations are used for a few weeks to days during the month of October to show ghoul spirit to trick o’ treaters. Homeowners love to decorate their houses with beautiful Halloween decorations and some are so devoted to the spirit they amass a lot small to large items that they do not have room to store until the next year. Create space in your home, attic or garage by storing your items at Centron Self Storage. With our location in North York, you can rest assured your items will be stored securely at our facilities on 4500 Chesswood Drive. After October 31, here are a few tips to get you ready to store your Halloween decorations in storage: Evaluate…

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October 18, 2012

Reasons to Use Public Storage

So you need to use public storage? You probably know storage is a great option to clear your home or office from unwanted or large items temporarily or long-term but you may not think about all the reasons you can use public storage! We have clients that store their belongings for different reasons and some of them apply to you as well. Read our top three reasons to use public storage: Subletting Apartment- You finally decided to take that long overdue trip overseas, visiting family for a few months, moving on a short-term job assignment, or what to go live in another city for a while. What do you with your things? If your pending trip is short-term you do…

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October 10, 2012

Calculate Your Self Storage Space

If you’re thinking of using temporary self storage, you may wonder what size of unit you’ll need and how you can make full use of your space in the most cost effective way. At Centron Storage, we offer flexible options to meet your unique needs in size, duration and even climate controlled units for special items. Here’s a sample of three of our five available unit sizes, along with an approximation of how much they typically hold. 5’ x 5’–This is our smallest unit size at approximately 200 cubic feet. But it packs a punch, enabling you to store about 5-10 boxes, or small furniture such as chairs or small dresser. 10’ x 10’–This is a mid-sized unit that roughly…

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October 1, 2012

Storage Boxes & Supplies

Storage Boxes and Supplies

Self storage provides you with the freedom to keep your items in a convenient spot for as long as you have need. But before you move your goods into a unit, taking the time to properly package and protect your goods will keep them in good condition and ready for use whenever you take them out of temporary storage. At Centron Storage, we not only supply rental storage units, but also a selection of storage boxes and supplies to make your packing, moving and storage experience as easy as possible. Here are a few packing supplies that you might find helpful. What Kind of Storage Boxes Are Available Boxes–Boxes come in a variety of sizes. Small 2-cubic feet boxes are…

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September 20, 2012

Storage Belongings

Rental Storage Units

If you’re running out of space at home to keep your belongings, or you’re in between homes, you may have wondered if self storage is a viable option. Renting a storage unit is a great choice that not only provides extra space, but also gives you cost effective flexibility in the amount of space and the duration you need it. But just what kinds of items are suitable and unsuitable for a rental storage unit? Read below to learn more about “storage belongings”. Household Items–Most of what’s already in your home can be safely placed in temporary storage. Furniture, books, linens and clothing are easily stored. It’s also wise to avoid keeping valuables such as expensive jewellery and precious stones…

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