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October 24, 2016

Boot Your Belongings with This Storage Solution

When you need extra space, or your home seems like it’s becoming a cluttered nightmare, consider renting a storage unit. Storage has never been easier or more convenient! With a variety of room sizes and affordable rental rates, you can get peace of mind quickly and stop feeling like you’re living in an episode of “Hoarders.” Packing Part of keeping your items safe and secure lies in how they’re packed. This goes beyond the tape and cardboard boxes. Before loading up the truck, consider these suggestions: Large appliances – Disconnect removable cords to prevent damage during transport Furniture – Disassemble (if possible) and remove hardware Outdoor Goods/Lawn Care – Patio furniture, garden, and landscaping tools should be rinsed and dried…

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October 24, 2016

Surprising Ways to Protect Your Items in Self-Storage

Are you interested in self-storage, but are worried you might make mistakes that could ruin your precious belongings? There are a wide variety of useful hints and tips to keep in mind. Keep your items safe from damage, and make your self-storage experience pleasurable. Charcoal in a Tin Pan If you live in an area with high humidity or are worried about moisture damaging items in your storage center, place a small tin pan in your storage center and fill it up with charcoal. Why? Charcoal will absorb the moisture in the air and keep the room free from excessive humidity. For best results, change the pan at least once a week. Dryer Sheets in the Corners To keep insects…

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September 16, 2016

Storing School Supplies in Innovative Ways

Anyone that teaches school, has a student in school, or supports the educational system knows how many school supplies kids can go through in a month or even a week, much less an entire year. Schools can get big discounts on supplies if they buy in bulk. However, sometimes schools don’t have the storage space available on campus to keep all the supplies they need. Many school officials find themselves in a situation where their supplies are kept several miles from campus, making it difficult for them to get access to items they need when they need them. The Need for School Supplies Obviously, school supplies have to be available to our young people in order for them to get…

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September 15, 2016

Eco-friendly, Green Tips for Moving and Storage

Moving can be a personal disaster. Doing so in a green, environment-friendly way can be even more complicated. For those of us who prioritize the reduction of pollution and other harmful effects to the planet, the carbon footprint we create when moving our belongings from one place to another can be a concern. But there is hope, as more and more companies are “going green.” Here are some tips and tricks to moving and creating as little negative effect to the planet as possible. Packing Let’s start with packing up your items. Instead purchasing the old, standard cardboard box, use boxes made of recycled materials. You can also go for plastic bins or totes, especially ones made out of recycled…

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August 29, 2016

Bedroom Sets: Safe and Secure Storage

Choosing a self-storage facility to store your bedroom set involves a little more than making a phone call or driving down the road and to any local self-storage center. It takes more planning than most people realise. You need to determine: • Size of unit needed • Cost of monthly rental • If a deposit is required • How long you will need the storage space • How you are going to move the furniture into the unit. Do your research and have a solid plan in place. Size of Unit One of the first things to consider before renting a storage unit is how much space you’ll need. If storing several items (such as a bedroom set), you should…

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August 24, 2016

Why Self Storage For Bikes Can Be A Smart Choice

Not Sure Where To Store Your Bike? Don’t leave it outside that is for sure. Even if you have bike locks and attach your bike to a bicycle rack, there is still a risk that some thieves can pry open the locks and steal your bike. Let us not forget that the elements can wreak havoc on your bike as well. The sun can strip away paint. The rain can stain your bike. Snow, ice and the rock salt that is sprayed in the winter can further corrode and damage the metal on your bike. Wild animals can also damage your bike. While you are unlikely to encounter bears in the city, pigeons can poop over your bike. Bicycle Storage…

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July 25, 2016

Moving? 3 Benefits of Using Self Storage Units

When you are preparing to make a move to another city, you may find using a self-storage unit very helpful. You can move the items you don’t immediately need to the storage unit and start out with fewer items to unpack and put away in your new home. Once you get settled, you can move the non-essential items in as you are ready for them.  1. Reduces Stress of Unpacking By moving some of your items into storage for a period of time, you can greatly reduce the stress of a move, whether across town or to a new location altogether. If you have young children, having minimal boxes and unpacking to do in your new place on the first…

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