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November 19, 2012

Things to Store: Baby Clothes and Items

Public Self Storage in Toronto

Congratulations if you have survived parenthood as a proud mother or father. Centron Self Storage hopes you are enjoying your new bundle of joy… or toddler. We have a question for you, what do you do once your child has outgrown their clothing or items you once used to care for your child? Do you throw them away, donate them to charity, give them to friends or family, or are they taking up space? Most likely you either are thinking to throw away the items. The best option for you is to store baby clothes and items at Centron Self Storage because who knows when your next little one will come and you don’t want to be unprepared. Baby Clothes…

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November 15, 2012

What to Store for the Holidays

What to Store for the Holidays in North York

Centron Self  Storage in North York are the perfect facilities to store items if you’re going away for the holidays. Whether you are leaving home for 7-10 days, or taking an extended vacation, you probably want to store your items to ensure they are locked away and safe. Don’t fret, get to a Centron Self Storage locker immediately. What to Store for the Holidays Televisions: Did you save money to get that big screen TV to watch sports from home or parties with your friends and family? Protect your investment and store all your big screen TV’s at Centron Self Storage to ensure your items are out of harm way while the house or apartment is empty. Computers: If you have…

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November 13, 2012

Kit Out Your Storage Unit for the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

2012 has been a year where the world heard of zombie like activities take place in Florida and New Jersey. Just because we are in North York, that does not mean we are exempt from the Zombie Apocalypse. Well, maybe you are not afraid of zombies or believe we will not have a Shaun of the Dead moment in our lifetime, but just in case, you should have a storage unit of goods that can be stored long-term. To avoid the zombie Apocalypse or any disaster that may hit at  any time, kit our your storage unit with the following: Water: You can never have enough water as we need it to breathe, bathe, and just live life. Buy as many bottles or gallons…

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November 9, 2012

Weekends Are Good for Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning and Storage in Toronto

The weekend usually symbolize a time for relaxation, spending time with family and friends, preparing meals for the week, movies, date night….and  oh yeah, home cleaning! Let’s all be honest and say cleaning is not the most favorite task of the week but it’s a necessary one to keep the home rodent and pest free, and looking GOOD for unexpected visitors. Have you ever had a moment where you were cleaning and came across items you have no use for any longer? How many times have you said I don’t want to throw it away but its taking up space? If either situation plague you, its sounds like you need a self storage unit to keep valuables you do not want to…

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November 8, 2012

DIY: Home Organizing for the Holidays

DIY Home Projects in North York

The holidays are quickly coming and your home is about to go through the annual metamorphosis for holiday cheer and family gatherings.  You’re either love to spruce up your home with store bought items or into arts & crafts, aka DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Just as a reminder, you can store all unwanted home items at Centron Storage to make room for your newly decorated home for the holidays. Here are some interesting pieces you can create in your home with simple DIY style tips. Nothing is impossible. This great centerpiece is more sophisticated for families with older visitors for the holidays and a bit safer–by keeping lose candles away from kids–and is something that can stick around after the holidays. Pack up your old…

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November 7, 2012

Design and Storage–Inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest Two Studio Apartment

Centron Self Storage does not moonlight as a team of interior designers but we know how to spot an uncluttered apartment that is breathtaking. We took to Pinterest to find interesting pictures of decorative spaces that would make anyone want to clean house immediately and hire an interior decorator. Design and storage go hand-in-hand as you want to bring out the old and start fresh with the new, but you don’t want to give your items away just yet. Here are some examples of great spaces and interior design that will blow your mind:  According to DesigntoInspire.net, this apartment was designed by Maurizio Giovannoni, and architect and interior designer in Rome. You know what they say, when in rome! Not sure…

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November 6, 2012

Use Storage as Inventory Warehouse Facility

Cheap Storage Buildings

Your small business may not have the backroom storage capabilities to double as an inventory warehouse facility to store items temporarily or long-term. Did you know some of Centron Self-Storage customers in North York use our facilities to store retail items, restaurant appliances,  accessories,  and other items temporarily until they are needed? If you have looked on our storage calculator page, you may find Centron’s facilities can store large kitchen and home appliances, electronics, furniture, and sporting equipment, among other items. Here are some examples of small businesses like yours that can benefit from our North York facility for your warehouse needs: Restaurants- Maybe you own a small boutique restaurant or part of a large chain of eateries, despite your…

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