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Whether you’re looking for security, excellent customer service, convenience, climate controlled self storage Toronto, we’re here to help you. Centron Self Storage is for business or household storage solutions. We’re the storage centre you can trust.


4500 Chesswood Dr. Toronto ON M3J 2B9 647-496-2439 4500 Chesswood Dr.
Toronto ON M3J 2B9
416-739-0000 Google+
Public Storage in Toronto 6 Dawes Rd.
Toronto ON M4C 5A7
416-690-8585 Google+
Whether you're looking for security, excellent customer service, convenience, climate controlled self storage Toronto, we're here to help you. Centron Self Storage is for business or household storage solutions. We're the storage centre you can trust.

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Storage Space Calculator

Use this convenient space calculator to approximate what size storage space suits you the best.

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What Our Customer's are Saying


"Very helpful, friendly, efficient and excellent service!"."

- Maria Sgotto

Peace of Mind Security

Secure Self Storage
  • Computer Access
  • Motion Detectors
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Clean, Well-lit, Fenced Facilities
  • Private Security Patrols
  • Inspection Rounds
  • Intercom System
  • Storage Insurance Available

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Toronto Self Storage Company

Whatever your public storage needs, Centron Storage Toronto provides storage units that you can trust. Have you been forced to find a reliable storage rental because the sale of your old house closed before you can move into your new home? Do you need an offsite location for confidential documents? Are you a business searching for a climate-controlled environment for temperature-sensitive inventory? With two locations of clean, well-lit self storage, Centron Storage provides you with a safe storage environment. Our technology systems and site patrols help to keep your goods protected and secure. Whether you need 20 square feet or up to 300 square feet of space, we’re your top choice for storage solutions. Whatever the type, quantity or size of items, we provide excellent customer service, a range of packing tools, and the optimal space to store your goods in a storage facility you can trust.

In today’s world, homes and businesses contain an ever increasing quantity of goods, while properties sizes continue to shrink. There’s also a growing need for security and privacy for both objects and documents. At times, you may also find yourself in need of a space to temporarily house larger items. All of these scenarios have given rise to the demand for dynamic storage solutions for home and business.

When either home or office does not adequately meet your needs, Centron Storage provides public units for rent. Our units are conveniently available in a variety of shapes and sizes for both long and short term rentals. Come visit one of our two locations where you’ll find an environment that feels clean and safe, and where you’ll feel confident to store your goods securely in our technologically secure facility. Whenever you need temporary extra storage space, you can rely on Centron Storage.

Storage in North York: Rental Units

Have you finally decided that you need more space to store your goods? At Centron Storage, we provide safe, clean storage units in Toronto where you can securely house your goods for as long as you need. Whether you’re looking for a compact space to keep confidential documents offsite, or enough room to hold furniture, appliances, or even a car, we have storage spaces of all shapes and sizes.

The number, type and size of items you plan to store will determine the kind of storage units you need in Toronto and North York. To find the unit that’s right for you, make a list of your items. Think about how you might stack and nest items together compactly, but make sure that you’ll still be able to access them easily once they’re packed away.

Our storage units in Toronto and North York range in floor space size from as little as 20 square feet to as much as 300 square feet, with total cubic volume from 200 cubic feet to over 1700 cubic feet. Use our handy storage calculator to input your items and estimate the right amount of space you need. At Centron Storage, we provide storage solutions for all your household or business needs.

Toronto Storage Facility

Nothing beats storing your belongings in the comfort and convenience of your own residential or commercial property. But with properties shrinking and goods ever accumulating, self storage in Toronto is the next best solution for safe, clean and secure housing of your documents and goods.

At Centron Storage, we understand that you may have concerns about remote self storage in Toronto. Our storage units are clean, well lit and safe, with strategically placed surveillance cameras and motion detectors. You can visit the storage facility any time with peace of mind, knowing that security is our priority. Trained security staff perform daily inspections and patrols, while our computer access system ensures that only those with a personalized computer identification code can enter the storage facility.